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Transition Tables



The transition tables are used for items with a standard progression.

Authoring Notes

The first is applet is Helper 3.

Items in Bold are the field names. Items in bold and italics are mandatory fields.  A # indicates a number should be placed here starting at 0 and incrementing by 1 for each additional item.

Number of Rows is the number of rows in the item entry list.

Number of Columns is the number of columns in the item entry list.

Title is the text that appears at the top of the applet.

Row # Title and Column # Title are the names given to the rows and columns respectively.

Column # Equation is the definition given to a column if you want to fill it in with an equation. It can have one of the following formats:

1&startValue=#&startRow=#&endValue=#&endRow=#&decimals=# a linear value from start to end with the specified number of decimals. The default value for decimals is 0.

Cell[row#][column#] is the string value given to a particular cell. Remember that row numbers and column numbers start at 1,1 for the first cell. The 0 column and rows are reserved for the titles.

Font gives the definition of the font to be used in the format font Name&Font Size.

<applet CODEBASE="./" CODE="rps.helper3.class" NAME="Helper 3 TestApplet" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="300" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" ALIGN="middle">
<param name="title" value="Testing 1.2.3">
<param name="numberOfRows" value="6">
<param name="numberOfColunms" value="5">
<param name="colunm1Title" value="c1">
<param name="colunm2Title" value="c2">
<param name="colunm3Title" value="c3">
<param name="colunm4Title" value="c4">
<param name="colunm5Title" value="c5">
<param name="row1Title" value="r1">
<param name="row2Title" value="r2">
<param name="row3Title" value="r3">
<param name="row4Title" value="r4">
<param name="cell[1][1]" value="r1c1">
<param name="cell[2][1]" value="r2c1">
<param name="cell[3][1]" value="r3c1">
<param name="cell[4][1]" value="r4c1">
<param name="cell[1][5]" value="r1c5">
<param name="cell[2][5]" value="r2c5">
<param name="cell[3][5]" value="r3c5">
<param name="cell[4][5]" value="r4c5">
<param name="cell[5][5]" value="r5c5">
<param name="cell[6][5]" value="r6c5">
<param name="colunm2Equation"
<param name="colunm3Equation" value="1&startValue=0&startRow=1&endValue=10&endRow=6&decimals=1">



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Helper - A Java Applet that calculates the success percentages.