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It is possible for any thing to have a life force, though in most worlds this is confined to the animal kingdom. Is this system it can be applied to any thing. The difference made by a life force is that the thing now has a set of trainable physical abilities, the addition of mental and emotional abilities and the chance to develop skills and personalities.

In this system each species has a set of value ranges for each value set typical for that species. The individual character has a set of values that generally fall within this character set. However, the character can vary from these norms. The more the character varies the higher the cost.

Abilities represent the prime characteristics that a character is born with. They are subcategories into Emotional, Physical, and Mental abilities.

The application of learning and raw ability can create a set of useful skills.

Personalities are the underlying  traits that the character possesses. These will be modified by the environment and learning as the character progresses through life.

Backgrounds describe the history of the character so far.

States describe how the player is currently feeling.

Vocations are sets of skills that together can be used to base a career. As such they are sometimes strongly linked to various environments.

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